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DQS Communications Healthcare Group is the number one provider of LGBTQ therapy in the Hampton and Norfolk, VA. There are very few people who are as neglected and treated as unfairly in regular society as those in the LGBTQ community. Every aspect of American life is geared to the comfort and improvement of the heterosexual population. When this is the case, being on the fringes of society can lead to disastrous health concerns, especially in the mind. These health concerns are augmented when you have no one to talk to.

It is difficult for those with different sexual orientation than the majority to open up about their true self for fear of discrimination or mental and physical abuse. This is very unfortunate because keeping these secrets to yourself poses significant health risks as well. This trap is a big reason why the suicide rates are so high in the LGBTQ community.

That is our number one motivator: to give hope to those who are in complete despair. When you come to DQS Communications Healthcare Group, your LGBTQ therapist will greet you with the most welcoming demeanor possible. We listen to the issues you are experiencing and the negative thoughts that you are harboring. You are completely free from judgement, and our only goal is to give you the mental clarity and happiness you need to be successful.

Our LGBTQIA therapy centers are the perfect environments for patients to talk with other people who are going through the same troubles. Together you can develop beneficial friendships to enhance the amount of support you receive at DQS Communications Healthcare Group. It is the one thing that we tell all of our patients: you are not alone. We have the most welcoming LBGTQ therapy services available. Come get the happiness and love you deserve today.

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