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At DQS Communications Healthcare Group, we offer innovative LGBTQIA support in Hampton and Norfolk, VA. Finally the oppressed members of this group have a professional organization that is solely dedicated to giving them the support they need to improve their confidence and mental health. Nowhere else is this commitment found other than the standard metropolises.

It is simpler to find a support community in a big city, but for those in the suburbs or more rural areas, the ability to confess and come out is dramatically more difficult. That is why DQS Communications Healthcare Group is committed to reaching out to all the members of the LGBTQIA community to extend the helping hand they need. Whether you are in the closet or are an advocate yourself, there is something you have to gain from our support.

We started operating as a LGBTQIA support servicer because we noticed that these talented and intelligent individuals were not getting the assistance they needed from other public or private institutions. Now we have provided countless of individuals with the support they need.

Whether you need an intimate conversation with a mental health professional, information on things like safe sex, or you just want to meet some people to hang out with, DQS Communications Healthcare Group provides the environment for you to do so. Our LGBTQIA Support Center is the perfect hub for you to meet peers who are going through the same issues you are. You can laugh, be inspired, and confess what has been troubling you, all in one day.

You are capable of so much; it does not matter what anyone says. At DQS Communications Healthcare Group, we want to help you become aware of that fact. It is our genuine pleasure to interact with the vibrant LGBTQIA community here. Receive the LGBTQIA aid you need today.

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